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Many people seem to wonder exactly what yogis (people who practice Yoga) eat. Known to some as a Yoga Diet, the Sattvic Diet (Sentient Diet) is, in fact, one that dates back thousands of years ago; it has little to do with weightloss. Sattvic Diets are more about creating a sense of balance between your mind, body and spirit.
Slightly rigid by nature, the Sattvic Diet is known to provide clarity of the mind and offers a myriad of benefits to the body. Usually, it is assumed that while eating foods encouraged in the Sattvic traditions, yoga is practiced simultaneously, hence a strengthened inner-spirit is cultivated as well.

Here are a list of foods and beverages that are OKAY in the Sattvic Diet:
* Fresh, organic fruits
* Fresh, organic dairy
* Unsalted nuts (which have not been overly roasted), seeds and oils
* Organic Vegetables which are mild in nature (for example, Sattvic Diets require that you avoid pungent veggies like peppers or starchy veggies like potatoes)
* Whole grains: rice, oatmeal, barley, etc.
* Legumes like split mung beans, yellow split peas, organic tofu, etc.
* For sweetening dishes use honey

* For spices avoid anything that heats the body up such as Garlic or Onions. Stick, instead to mild spices like Basil, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cumin, Nutmeg or Corriander

Foods and Beverages one should completely avoid in the Sattvic Diet are:
* All meat products including fish and eggs
* All alcoholic beverages including beer and wine
* All forms of smoking including Cannibus and Tobacco
* Any stimulant such as caffeine or sugar

All right, now that it is absolutely clear what can and cannot be consumed... here is my challenge for you all:
Let's enter 2011 with a purely Sentient Diet for the entire month of January! Who's with me?
I will be posting what I've eaten for breakfast/lunch/dinner so that you all can get some ideas of what to prepare. I hope you either comment on this blog with your own recipes or you e-mail me at:

I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited about this!!!!!!

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