Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Having trouble sleeping? Turn off your ipad & turn on your Yoga Nidra

My dad recently purchased an ipad and my entire family's gotten completely hooked. Mainly, to Pandora. It's amazing that just by plugging in one artist you're fond of, let's say Manu Chao, the Pandora Gods can somehow find a similair artist like La Vela Puerca and viola! It's musical heaven. I can see how most people might not want to put down their ipad once they buy one. Unfortunately, it seems that a recent CNN study has revealed this problem many ipad owners are experiencing--being unable to put down the pad--is creating a host of other issues. Mainly, a loss of sleep.

The often controversial Medical Doctor and practitioner of Natural Health Remedies, Dr. Joseph Mercola makes the following argument:

"Everything in nature has a rhythm, and that includes your body. The ebb and flow of the ocean's tide, the rising and setting of the sun, and the transition from one season to another all happen with comforting regularity. Your body, too, strives to keep its 24-hour cycle, or circadian rhythm, steady and even.

This is why most of us naturally feel like waking when the sun comes up, and sleeping when it's dark.

Researchers have also shown how your circadian rhythm is involved in everything from sleep, to weight gain, mood disorders, and a variety of diseases.

Unfortunately, modern life throws multiple wrenches into the works, as it were, mainly by artificially extending 'daytime.'"

So the next time you want to log on to your ipad or lap-top try weighing your options: is the momentary satisfaction worth the next day spent groggy and half awake?

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