Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Woot-Woot for the Warriors!

Namaste Everyone!
Tonight I feel especially recharged and more in love with Yoga than most days. I live for days like these. My earliest class began with a regular student of mine "P" who has been absent for over 10 days due to some unfortunate asthma-issues. It was so nice to have her back after so many days away. I realize it's not good for business to truly enjoy group classes that turn out to be more of a one-on-one class, but what can I say? This morning was perfect because with only one student who had several health concerns, it was easy to customize the lesson based on her idiosyncrasies.

The afternoon went smoothly by without a hitch and then the evening brought forth my first semi-problematic class. A regular student of mine brought a delightful friend to class and while practicing one of the longer, and more challenging sequences, this brand-new student--almost guest--seemed to literally be in tears while standing firm in her Warrior 2 pose. I was so worried that she was in pain or even worse that she hated class, but in the end she said she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I was pleasantly surprised.

Immediately following that class, came my last class of the night with four remarkable women. They fought through bouts of giggles and really rocked out some excruciating Asanas. Two of the women were brand-new so I asked them for feedback and mentioned the newbie from the class before. "Her reaction could've had nothing to do with the Yoga or your instruction," one girl said and it was as if a light struck ON in my mind! Being a quintessential Leo I instantly made it about me when reality is, Yoga often strikes a chord with people's emotions and what my guest/new student was genuinely thinking can only be known 100% by her.

With this realization in mind, I was reminded of the time I had my first emotional experience in Yoga. I was laying in Shavasana when IZ's cover of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" came on...

...I completely lost it. I was sobbing on my mat and reassured to find both Yogi-Bears adjacent to me were also moved to tears.

Today, seeing my brand-new student react with emotion beyond the regular breathing with excitement or frustration, I was happy to recall what makes me stand firm in my Warrior stances. Every time I stand in Warriors One, Two or Three, I try to think of a person who has overcome a huge battle in their life. Channeling the energy of a warrior I greatly admire makes it easy to ignore the pain.

Miss Landmine is a beauty-pagent of the most unusual sort. The goal of this event is to encourage people to, "Question established concepts of physical perfection and to replace the passive term 'Victim' with the active term 'Survivor'." I hope when you see this photograph, you too, will feel inspired to give the next Warrior-Sequence your very best.
With much love & laughter,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Unusual Song Choice

I normally stick to pretty chill-songs for my own at-home Yoga Practice, but today we actually had a moment of wet snow-fall and I almost lost my mind. I AM SOOOOOOOO READY FOR WARM WEATHER!!!!! Needless to say, the frustration led me to search through my music-stash for a more up-tempo song than I traditionally include on my play-list.

Enter one of my favorite bands from the mid 1990s. Prodigy. The best part about this song is: the vocals are actually from Kula Shaker's frontman Chrispian Mills. I used to listen to his song "Govinda" on repeat (no pun intended) religiously. This one is a tribute to Narayan and I was able to successfully complete 20 rounds of Sun Salutations before I started losing count... my heart-rate was beating out of my chest around Minute 6.