Thursday, March 10, 2011

MC Yogi: Be The Change You Wanna See

Namaste Everyone!
Some of my regulars often comment on the music and I'm always glad to get positive feedback. However, there is one secret I've been holding back for selfish reasons. During my personal practice I tend to listen to tracks that I never play at my studio. I like my practice to feel completely new and different and not so instructional. Unfortunately, this means that some of my all-time favorite artists are ones I never get to share with the people I actually get to practice with the most frequently. So, today, here is my big reveal:

For my private at-home practice, I've created a playlist on youtube that has several Mc Yogi videos. I discovered Mc Yogi during a Heated Power Yoga class I took in early 2010. I was in the middle of an intense sequence involving The Awkward Pose flowing into a weighted Warrior Three when I thought I was just gonna collapse and all of a sudden, Mc Yogi's voice chimed in with his song, "Be The Change." WOW!! I was hooked. It was one of those pivotal moments during my Yoga practice that kept me going and transformed my emotions from utter frustration to sheer joy.
Upon leaving the yoga studio that day, I immediately researched as much as I could about Mc Yogi. Turns out his music isn't the only thing that is inspirational. Raised in New York City group-homes during his high school years, MC Yogi was classified as an "at-risk" youth. He found solace in expressing himself through Graffiti and writing rhymes. Listening to hip hop and aspiring to one day become an emcee, he never guessed that at age 18 when he stumbled into Yoga, his life would turn around completely.

Eventually marrying Amanda Giacomini, a fellow Yoga Instructor and artist, the two have been taking the world by storm with a message of peace and love. I find their story to be spectacular! I hope you all enjoy the music as much as I do!

With much love & laughter,

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