Saturday, April 2, 2011

Unusual Song Choice

I normally stick to pretty chill-songs for my own at-home Yoga Practice, but today we actually had a moment of wet snow-fall and I almost lost my mind. I AM SOOOOOOOO READY FOR WARM WEATHER!!!!! Needless to say, the frustration led me to search through my music-stash for a more up-tempo song than I traditionally include on my play-list.

Enter one of my favorite bands from the mid 1990s. Prodigy. The best part about this song is: the vocals are actually from Kula Shaker's frontman Chrispian Mills. I used to listen to his song "Govinda" on repeat (no pun intended) religiously. This one is a tribute to Narayan and I was able to successfully complete 20 rounds of Sun Salutations before I started losing count... my heart-rate was beating out of my chest around Minute 6.

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