Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Wonders of Wheel Pose!

Namaste everyone!
I think the "Wheel" pose might be my absolute favorite Asana (posture) of all times. For so long I didn't have the upper-body strength to lift myself up. Once I started lifting weights I finally gained enough strength, but didn't have the faith in myself to lift up entirely. When at last I was capable, it seemed like a huge accomplishment.
Recently, one of my most loyal students, Alison, was able to overcome her fears and ever since, she's been rockin' out the Wheel week after week! Whenever I see her in the wheel pose, my heart genuinely smiles from deep within. Alison runs marathons regularly, she has the most sculpted muscles I've ever seen on a pint-sized woman so she totally has the physical strength, it was all a matter of believing in herself. What a wonderful breakthrough moment? I was honored to be able to witness it for the first time!
For my weekly vlog this week, I've drawn inspiration from Alison and I hope when you watch this at home if you are doubting yourself, you too, can feel a little bit of encouragement.

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